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Recycling The Past is not responsible for return freight. Any order cancelled or refused will still be charged full freight.

How to get a shipping quote:
If you find an item you would like a shipping quote for please email us at one of the above addresses. Make sure to include the item #, your complete name, address, and a contact telephone number. Please let us know if the shipping location is either a business or residence and any other pertinent information such as if your business has a loading dock. Having all the correct information allows us to get you the best shipping options available.

UPS Shipping:
All items that are within the UPS guidelines of 130 inches in length and girth combined including packaging will be sent via UPS. The maximum weight allowable with packaging is 150 lbs. Any oddly shaped items which may require a wooden box or the longest side measuring over 60” long will have an additional charge of $5.00. All items are priced according to the dimensional weight and the UPS zone chart. We charge only the actual cost of shipping unless a packaging fee is required for certain merchandise. We offer many ground and air shipping options depending on how soon you need your package.

Common Carrier and Freight Charges:
Any items that are greater than the UPS guidelines need to be sent via common carrier or freight. Items which are considered freight are doors, sinks, claw foot tubs, and many iron gates and other bulky merchandise. We primarily have two freight shipping options.

     Blanket Wrapping- All items are picked up by one of our shipping companies who specializes in antiques and fragile items. They generally take between 3-5 weeks from time of pick up and the price varies depending on the location and the overall size of the merchandise. All items are fully insured.

     Crating- Items which need to arrive sooner and have somewhat more durability can be crated. Perfect for doors, sinks, iron, and other durable goods. Items are generally crated and picked up within one week of purchase. Depending on location merchandise can be shipped from next day service to up to 3 weeks. We charge crating fees for all merchandise and is done on a “break even” basis which is the actual materials fee, and labor. All items are fully insured through the shipping company.

Crating Charges:

*The following rates are based on average fees and some additional costs may apply for large orders

  • Antique Tubs-$200.00
  • Doors-$150.00
  • Cast iron Kitchen Sinks $200.00
  • Iron Gates/Fencing: $150.00
  • Bathroom Wall Hung Sinks-$100.00
  • Bathroon Pedestal Sinks-$150.00

Average Shipping Costs

Please note:
Most common carriers deliver to curbside only and you may need to make arrangements for receiving large crates. The average cost to ship a door in the US is around $250 + crating fee (if applicable) with full insurance coverage. Sinks generally run around the same from $175-$275 + crating fee (if applicable) with full insurance coverage. Shipping to the west coast may cost an additional $50-$100 +/-. You may be able to save by having an item shipped to your place of business preferably with a loading dock to cut down costs around 25% or more. Remember shipping large items isn’t cheap. Your business is important to us and we try to provide the best options available for your merchandise.

We can’t predict the future so most of the time it’s impossible to tell what an item will weigh once it’s crated and ready for shipment. We may over estimate the weight of items to be safe, but if the actual shipping charges are cheaper than we quoted you, we will pass on the savings to you.

Please inspect all merchandise thoroughly for damages. All claims must be made with the shipping company, not through Recycling The Past. Make sure you receive the Bill of Lading or other paperwork at time of delivery.

Handling Charges:
In some cases we require a packaging fee for certain fragile items such as items containing glass and tile. Many items which are sent via UPS need extra special care to ensure the safety of the package. Shipping stained glass for instance may require a $5.00-$25.00 handling fee depending on size and fragility. Again this fee is to help us recoup a fraction of the actual cost to package an item which normally exceeds the amount charged to our customers.

How to place an order:
Once you have found an item you would like to purchase please email us by double clicking on the “contact us” portion of our website on the home page. This will link you directly to our email address. Please include the item # of the merchandise you wish to purchase. If you have any questions about particular items please let us know. If you don’t have any questions and would like to go ahead with an order you can reach us at 609-660-9790 between 10a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, 7 days a week. We do accept all major credit cards over the phone.


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