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Windows are our visual escape to the outdoors. The European and American architectural periods from early days to modern times have had a great influence on windows. We offer many styles to choose from such as Colonial, Queen-Anne, Palladian, and Gothic. These styles are among only a few of our favorites we have selected to offer our clientele. Stained glass came into wide spread use around the mid to late19th century. The artistry of some of the masters like Tiffany, and La Farge are truly unparalleled. The many periods and styles of influence are equally important to note as well. It’s not hard to see why the Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Prairie School movements are still popular today. Nothing changes the appearance of a room quite like an ornate window. Hanging a decorative window on a wall, adding stained glass to brighten a room, and placing mirror in an old frame are all ways to change the appearance of your favorite space. Simple things can be done with windows, let your imagination go wild and remember- style is what you make of it!

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