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Date Posted:  9/9/2012

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Area business owners building fanbase with 'Operation Salvage'

Family turns everything old into new business with a TV twist
Source of News:
Author:  Courtney McCann
Date Posted:  6/26/2009

BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP - The White family sees the world a bit differently than most people.

You see chunks of teal glass the size of small boulders, they see paperweights.

You see old bleacher boards, they see coffee tables.

You see a stone monolith with carved caricatures of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, they see ... well, they're actually still working on that one.

Matt White, along with his brother Josh and father Steve, run Recycling the Past, an architectural salvage business built around turning construction castoffs into architectural gold. This month the family and the business became the subject of the home improvement show "Operation Salvage," a new series on the DIY network.

The show debuted on June 1. The Season 1 finale airs at 11:30 a.m. today.

For the past 20 years, the Whites have scavenged old buildings and auctions for everything from doors and beams to church bells and World War II tank springs. Some of their loot ...

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Making Ends Meet by Way of Rubbish
Source of News:  New York Times
Date Posted:  6/18/2009

Consider home-related reality TV shows as an economic barometer: in the fizzy sub-prime era, get-rich programs like A & E’s “Flip This House” and Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” filled the airwaves. Now there are more recession-appropriate shows, among them DIY’s “Operation Salvage,” which follows the Whites, a Barnegat, N.J., family whose members run an architectural salvage business called Recycling the Past and spend their free time on thrifty projects like making dining tables out of scrap wood.

Matt White, who works alongside his brother, Josh, and his father, Steve, took a break from his seven-day workweek to chat.

How do you differentiate between junk and something valuable?
Nothing is junk. But often you get called last minute and have 24 hours to get everything out of a house. You have to focus on the best investment for your time.

Like what?
Old-growth wood, for example. Years ago, chestnut tree...

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Operation Salvage
Source of News:  LA Times
Author:  Barbara Thornburg
Date Posted:  6/18/2009

Like to turn old things into cool new stuff? You may just want to plop yourself down in front of your TV this coming Monday and watch architectural salvage expert Matt White's new TV program, "Operation Salvage." The new DIY Network program premieres Monday with Episodes 1 and 2 at 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. PDT, respectively. Episodes 2 and 3 run at the same times the next day. The final episode airs Wednesday at 3 p.m. It's a bit confusing, but that's the schedule, folks.

White co-owns a salvage shop in Barnegat, N.J., and has personally refurbished his 1851 saltbox-style home using all salvage items. He's also been recycling materials since he was a kid. Tune in as he turns rusty iron into a flat-screen TV stand, doors into kitchen cabinets and ratty boards into floors.

If he can do it, you can too. Right?

-- Barbara Thornburg

Photo: Matt White stands in front of the Esopus lighthouse on the Hudson River where he remodeled the kitchen with...

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New Jersey Business Owner to Star in "Operational Salvage"
Source of News:
Author:  Shannon Furey
Date Posted:  6/5/2009
Recycling the Past's Matt White to Make Debut on the Do It Yourself Network
BARNEGAT, NJ – Matt White, of the family-owned, Barnegat-NJ based Recycling the Past, announced today the premiere of his nationally televised program, “Operation Salvage,” beginning June 1, 2009. “Operation Salvage” is a five-episode television series that will air daily on the popular DIY Network this summer. In addition to White, the show stars his brother Josh and father Stephen. DIY approached White to host and provide the intriguing content for “Operation Salvage” because of his extensive experience in reuse and redesign. In addition to White’s intriguing creations, the program endeavors to promote the benefits of reusing and recycling – apropos topics for today’s turbulent economy and environmental woes. White hopes that these important, sustainable design concepts will hit home with a much larger crowd, showing that ‘green’ can indeed b...

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'Dirty Jobs' at Upsala airs salvaged artifacts
Source of News:  Newark Star Ledger
Date Posted:  8/15/2006


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Saving grace
Source of News:  Atlantic City Press
Author:  By TIMOTHY PUKO Staff Writer
Date Posted:  7/11/2006


Published: Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Updated: Tuesday, July 4, 2006

BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP — There is a masonry and landscaping shop on Route 9 here with pristine fountains and statues placed neatly along the road. Farther north, there are flower markets with plants sitting in straight rows and an antique shop with an orderly Independence Day display — a long cloth of stars and stripes carefully draped over a wooden chair all next to an old-fashioned sewing machine — sitting in the storefront window.

The White family brings a measure of organized chaos to the neighborhood. Their art salvage yard, Recycling the Past, is a kind of avant-g...

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Not Junk, but Treasure
Source of News:  The New York Times
Author:  by Marc Ferris
Date Posted:  7/11/2006


WHEN an investor bought the Hillbrook Estate in Harrison two years ago, the cost of fixing the roof alone ran into seven figures, so he decided to demolish the 1916 mansion and build four new buildings on the property. In the short time before the wrecking ball moved in, Recycling the Past, an architectural salvage company in New Jersey, invited buyers to the site and picked the house's carcass clean, carting away an oak staircase with wainscoting and carved panels, a 70-foot limestone balustrade, mantlepieces, marble columns and even door hinges.

Architectural salvage, which once evoked images of the television show "Sanford and Son," where junk was hauled around in a beat-up pickup truck, is becoming the province of antiques...

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Salvaged Materials:
Source of News:  Smart Home Owner Magazine
Author:  Judith Stock
Date Posted:  7/11/2006

Salvaged Materials: Reclaiming the Past

Page 1 of 1

Judith Stock

You never know what you’ll find when you dig around an architectural salvage yard The adage “everything old is new again” could not be truer today. More and more homeowners are outfitting their houses with reclaimed architectural, building and finish materials, due to the environmental benefits of recycling these materials, as well as their quality and rich heritage. Another benefit is that salvaged items usually cost a fraction of what hardware superstores charge for a similar new item. To get an idea of what’s available to homeowners, I jumped in my car and made a trip to a salvage yard in North Hollywood, Calif. There,...

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Source of News:  Asbury Park Press
Date Posted:  7/11/2006
PAST PERFECT Barnegat salvage center turns yesterday's goods into today's treasures
Home News Tribune Online 06/24/06


All sorts of interesting items fill the salvage yard at Recycling the Past in Barnegat, but there's something specific a first-time visitor is eager to see.

"Show me the urinals," I say.

It's not what you think.

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Practices what he preaches – Architectural Salvage pioneer brings it on home.

Recycled Treasures
Source of News:  PR Works, (781) 582-1061,
Author:  Steven Dubin
Date Posted:  7/12/2005


CONTACT: Steven Dubin, PR Works, (781) 582-1061,


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“Stone Is Hot”

Recycling The Past Offers Tips on Incorporating Stone into Landscape
Source of News:  Steven Dubin, PR Works, (781) 582-1061,
Author:  Steven Dubin
Date Posted:  7/12/2005


CONTACT: Steven Dubin, PR Works, (781) 582-1061,


“Stone Is Hot”

Recycling The Past Offers Tips on Incorporating Stone...

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Local Sites
Source of News:  TriCityNews
Author:  Jason Thomson
Date Posted:  1/25/2005
This is a great website I came across when Recycling The Past took out an ad in triCityNews. The address is and its an example of architectural salvage at it’s finest. 

Their goal is simple; to meet the needs of everyone from the do-it-yourself inclined, to contractors, renovators, designers, daydream believers and homecoming queens. 

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One man’s ‘JUNK’ - He finds treasures in your trash
Author:  STEVEN V. CRONIN - Staff Writer (609) 272-7240
Date Posted:  5/10/2004
BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP - The trick is knowing what to take.

When the wrecking ball is ready to swing, it's easy to try to save anything that looks like it might have value.

That would be a mistake, according to Matt White, owner of Recycling the Past, an architectural salvage company based in a 140-year-old Victorian building in the heart of this small Ocean County municipality.

For seven years the 30-year-old businessman has earned his living by saving hardware, decorative items and plumbing fixtures that would otherwise end up in the rubble pile and selling them to a growing cadre of customers.

In that time, White has learned some hard truths about the limits of display...

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The Kitchen Sink, etc.
Source of News:  
Date Posted:  5/10/2004
A dirt path winds past flower beds, ornamental grasses, and a gurgling fountain behind Matthew White's Victorian house in Barnegat. But this is no ordinary garden.

Concrete cherubs stand in rows like schoolchildren. Antique doors lean against each other. And a cluster of bathroom sinks looks like a back-yard farmer's unlikely porcelain crop.

This is Recycling the Past, a six-year-old, $250,000-a-year business that salvages and resells architectural treasures from old churches, houses, and schools headed for demolition.

"I love the quality, the craftsmanship, the uniqueness - and the hunt," said White, 30, who owns the company with his father, Stephen White, and travels around the country and to Europe to find his wares....

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Source of News:  The Press of Atlantic City
Author:  DEREK HARPER - Staff Writer - (609) 978-2015
Date Posted:  5/10/2004
If you're looking for Matt White, just look for the church steeple by the side of the road in Barnegat.  He and his family run the architectural salvage shop in town. They can get you anything you need, from hulking castle doors to shiny art deco lamps.

Take, for instance, the church steeple. He got a great deal on it in Barnesville, Md. The church was being taken down, and the steeple had to go. So, he hired a crane, but he wasn't around when the steeple came off. His buddy volunteered to put it on his trailer, instead. White went to Maryland, but now he had a problem. His friend had a somewhat decrepit trailer loaded down with this 15-foot tall, rather singular architectural gem. White wanted it on his trailer, but his friend said it couldn't be done. Impossible, he said. It weighs too much. He bet...

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Source of News:  Asbury Park Press - Small Business Strategies
Author:  DAVID P. WILLIS - Business Writer
Date Posted:  5/10/2004
It was a great find for Matthew S. White, who owns a Barnegat business that sells architectural antiques; about 100 pieces from Asbury Park's historic Mayfair Theatre, which was demolished about 25 years ago.

"That theater was just packed," said White, a co-owner of Recycling the Past. He purchased the contents last September from someone who had the items in storage. Almost everything was sold to a dealer a month later.

White praised the "uniqueness of the items, the fact that someone cared to save them." The pieces included iron railings, lighting fixtures, large plaster finials and even an old drinking fountain.

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Source of News:  
Date Posted:  5/10/2004

DATELINE:  BARNEGAT, NJ; ISSUED JUNE 19, 2002...More room for a mantle from an old Victorian, French doors from an old estate, gargoyles, and classic bar glass from the kind of neighborhood bar we all miss.  Recycling the Past, the region’s leading architectural salvage company has recently doubled their space to accommodate increased inventory in their fast-growing salvage business. 

Located on the New Jersey shore at
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