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The salvaging of building materials has been going on long before the Romans tried to rule the world. In modern times we have been able get it down to a science. By recycling old building parts, buyers are now able to get old world craftsmanship at a very fair price.

Traveling the US and abroad, Recycling The Past has been able to supply their customers with the finest salvaged building materials available. The quality of the old growth lumber, and hand cut stone is not found in today’s markets. Flooring, stairs parts, moldings, bricks and barn siding are meticulously removed by our staff to ensure ease in reuse.

Looking for a 18th century French castle, 19th century bank barn, or even an Amish outhouse- we can find you what you need. Our Vintage Building Materials can be used during the building phase or added to existing environments to create unique focal points of interest. All products are palletized and ready for shipment to a new home. Remember- the world is what we make of it- Recycle when you can!
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