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Welcome to Recycling the Past. Our goal is to meet the needs of everyone from the do-it-yourself inclined, to contractors, renovators, designers, daydream believers and homecoming queens.

Here you will find an eclectic variety of treasures such as: Architectural antiques, mantles, stained glass windows, lighting fixtures (both interior and exterior), iron gates, and fencing. We have many garden implements such as furniture, urns, statuary, and fountains. Additionally, we carry a large selection of newel posts, gingerbread, molding, Victorian pieces, porches, and doors, doors, and more doors!
Could it be that you’re looking for windows, plumbing fixtures, columns, or hardware? We have them, too!!
All of our artifacts are carefully chosen for their authenticity and uniqueness. To assist you in creating and atmosphere that reflects your own individual style, we will work with you, and perhaps even plant a seed from which a new idea will grow.

We are family owned and operated. Recycling the Past has become one of the country’s leaders in its field. Our credo is that "NOTHING REUSABLE IS REFUSABLE."

Let's Meet The Staff

Matt White
Matt White Matt has been doing this since he was a kid. When he's not fishing, surfing, or mountain climbing, you'll find him scaling a building seeking long lost treasures. He's not the typical 9 - 5 guy, so he opted for a hammer and chisel rather than a pen & pad. As the owner and founder of Recycling The Past Matt has proven himself to be an exceptional designer, preservationist, innovater, and businessman just to name a few.  

Josh White
  Born in Philadelphia, PA in March 1975. As a child he longed to become a Professional Basketball Player but when he topped out at 5’ 9” he redirected his efforts into fishing. After graduating college at West Virginia University he settled in Orlando, Florida and spent years working in the theme park industry. Years later he teamed up with his brother Matt and father Steve and the gang here at Recycling The Past. He’s a “self-proclaimed” expert on everything from table tennis to claw foot bath tubs. Josh White

Tania Graduated from a college in New Hampshire with a major in Fine Arts and worked in a design room of a company for some years before starting a family. Living in an old house herself Tania learned to appreciate all the salvaged items that come in daily. She has always enjoyed being around creative people, doing diversified work to avoid boredom and just plain getting her hands dirty. What better place to work than Recycling The Past.  
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